Saturday, March 16, 2024
Doors open:
7:30 pm


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Get ready to be blown away as For The Thrill Music Group proudly presents THRILLPVCK & FRIENDS!

After a decade of relentless dedication, For The Thrill Music Group (FTTMG) is thrilled to unveil its inaugural live experience! Brace yourself for an electrifying showcase featuring a lineup of MCs who have perfected the art of boom-bap, drill/trap, and the timeless allure of classic hip-hop/rap. Join us for a night of sensational entertainment that promises to ignite your senses and leave you craving for more!

<<< The line-up >>>

• Swizl Jager

Swizl Jager is a Tauranga based rapper that specialises in reorua (bilingual) raps with a modern flow and a cheeky humour. His gully raps leaves reo speakers, and non reo speakers alike, dumbfounded. Swizl’s songs have been featured in many NZ tv shows and films such as ahikaroa, waiata anthems, moko ink and brokenwood mysteries. His metal background gives him that extra edge and his followers, aka his whaYES (not Whanau/ far-no) will agree that it sets his live shows apart from most other rappers. His passion for music doesn’t stop at his own, you can catch him almost every weekend supporting artists and going to shows of all genres.

• The Man Shamz

High over the roof of the studio he soars free and unfettered as the roaring wind itself! Behold the sound-born spanner of vibrational soundscapes-- the restless, streaking stranger from the furthest reach of the world. The steezed, gleaming seeker of ill samples, whom earth-kind shall know as: THE MAN SHAMZ!!!Coming straight from the depths of South Auckland, Shamz is here to make sure that the Boom Bap sound will never die. Fusing hard hitting drums and pitched up soul samples, you are bound to screw up your face as soon as the beat drops.

• Lu Kang

Chilean lyricist and musician born and raised in West Auckland. From a very young age Lu always had a passion for music and composition. Taking deep interest into the sonic sounds of guitar playing, he aspired and progressed to be a guitarist inspired by the nu metal and post hardcore era of the 2000s. Though he credits his love for music to early years of shredding he began to fall in love with the ability to express his emotions and thoughts through writing and rhyming. Influenced by story tellers and poets such as Biggie, Nas and Mac Miller, Lu took the direction of expressing his perspectives through his eyes to the mic accompanied by the distinctive beats by older brother Djaco. Since then they have levelled up and been continuing strong ever since.

• thrillpvck thari + special guests!