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We're proud to host and introduce TONES, a video content series that unveils the soul of Kiwi music through reimagined, dynamic, and stripped-back live performances. This fortnightly series is designed to spotlight kiwi artists who all add to the vibrancy of the new and existing music landscape.

Watch your favorite kiwi artists set the TONE in a dynamic stripped-back and live music content series. TONES is your portal to tune into live performances from a diverse range of talent from Aotearoa. Follow us on social media to be part of the journey.


TONES is brought to life across our social media channels, with YouTube as its primary home.

With a focus on live performances, right in the heart of BIG FAN. The series provides a stage for both emerging and established artists to represent themselves, showcase their remarkable talent, pay tribute to their roots, and share their stories. 

We believe that every artist has a unique narrative to tell, and we're here to amplify their voices so they can continue to set their tone. 

Subscribe to our YouTube page and follow us on social media to follow the story and find artist interviews, behind the scenes footage, and more! 


Who Shot Scott

WHO SHOT SCOTT owns TONES’ debut episode with 3 hard-hitting hits! Watch Zee (Zaidoon) perform ‘LOVE WE’LL NEVER KNOW’, ‘LONERS ANTHEM’, and his latest release ‘BUGGIN’ live at Big Fan NZ.

Who Shot Scott brings the energy of an electric performance straight to you! We’re blown away by his natural showmanship, raw talent and eclectic fusion of experimental beats, genres, and raw, honest lyrics.

Punk, alt hip-hop and experimental production is served effortlessly with witty, clever wordplay and captivating style. With a mix of potent synths and tribal rhythms, WHO SHOT SCOTT's magnetic sound is an unapologetic celebration of authenticity over conformity. Get ready for this!